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Congruent Counselling



Family Counselling

 This type of counselling can involve the whole family or some members of the family. Families are complicated structures and family counselling can help with several problems including communication, expectations, boundaries, conflict management, and parenting. In family counselling, I work with the members of the family to identify common goals so that we have something to work towards. I provide direction and support in helping the family achieve those goals. The length of family counselling sessions and the structure of the sessions (which family member(s) attend) can vary. Sessions range from 50-90 minutes and the rate varies depending on the length of session. 

Individual Counselling

 When I work with one individual client, it is the relationship between the client and myself that is most important. Individual counselling is best if the client wants to work on personal goals or needs support. Having a counsellor can help provide support, direction, increased awareness, new skills, among several other possibilities. This gives you the opportunity to have a trained professional in your corner, helping you go forward in your life the way you want to. Individual sessions are usually 50 minutes in length, but can be longer if discussed in advance.

Co-parent Counselling

 This service is offered for parents who are separated/divorced but raising children together. When family structure changes, it can be challenging for all family members. As the counsellor, the priority for me in these cases is the children’s best interests. Coming from a “split” family does not automatically mean that children are going to have problems. However, children are at greater risk of several problems when they are exposed to conflict or involved in the parental conflict. This service is best suited for coparents who are in conflict and are not in a relationship with each other. Sessions can be together or separate, but it is necessary for both parents to participate in coparent counselling. Session times vary from 50-90 minutes.

Parent Coaching

  This service is for parents (individual or together) who are looking for help and support with parenting. Parent coaching focuses on the child but the work is being done with the parent or parents, as opposed to individual counselling wherein the focus is on the individual seeking the counselling. Parent Coaching is also a suitable option if you have a coparent but they are not accessing coparent counselling along with you. The focus here is on parent education including discipline strategies and repair of relationship, connection and parent-child relationship building, healthy boundaries, and conflict management. Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length.

Couples Counselling

 When working with couples, it is important to understand that it is the relationship that I am focusing on, rather than on the individuals. Couples counselling is often sought when the relationship is under stress, although sometimes couples seek counselling to improve certain aspects of their relationship. Some common reasons for seeking couples counselling include pre-marital, communication difficulties, emotional dissatisfaction, infidelity, and loss of emotional security. Although the relationship is the therapeutic focus, that does not mean that both parties will attend all sessions together. Typically sessions are 75 minutes when both parties attend, but may be adjusted depending on the needs of the couple.